Unable to type passphrase question, passphrase answer not accepted

  • 7008672
  • 31-May-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
Migrated from Standalone mode to Directory mode
Active Directory


 User is propmted for passphrase on initial launch of NSL, but is unable to type passphrase question, and any passphrase answer entered is not accepted.


If in eDirectory, use SecureLogin, Manage SSO, iManager plugin to delete SecureLogin configuration on the OU.
If in Active Directory, lauch ADSI Edit on the PDC, navigate to the OU where users reside.  Highlight and delete the "Protocom Security" and "Security Checksum" attributes.

Additional Information

Problem occurred because SecureLogin was initially installed in Standalone mode, settings were exported to an .esx file, and the .esx file was subsequently imported into the OU.   This set the security prefs attribute to "on" but with no relevant data.