8201 error: The agent could not read this message from the message transport on GWIA

  • 7008629
  • 23-May-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Microsoft Windows 2008
Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2
GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA)


  • Unable to send email from GroupWise to the internet.
  • GWIA logs show 8201 error: "The agent could not read this message from the message transport.".
  • Attempt to rename wpcsin and wpcsout in the GWIA's wpgate directory does not work as the MTA is unable to recreate them.
  • Gave the gwia.exe and gwmta.exe the ability to run with Administrator Privilege, by going into the properties of the object, compatibility tab, then selecting the last check box.
  • Running the service as admin local account.


Even with the additional Administrator Privilege enabled for the exe, and running as a admin local account, the Agents still did not have enough permissions.  Right clicking the exe, and selecting the "Run as Administrator" was enough to get the agent up and running and processing mail without error.  Running as Administrator also gave the Agents the ability to recreate the folder structure. 
To make this change permanent, on the Windows box, go into the properties of the individual GroupWise Agent service in the Services panel, select the "Log On" tab, change the account from Local System Account to "This Account" by clicking the second radio button.  It is best to browse, to insure the right account is selected, then plug in the password. 

Additional Information

Sometimes installing the agent with something other then the Local System Account may cause problems with completing the install.  It is best to install with the Local System Account then switch to the "This account" option and choose the administrator to run the services.