Unable to Send or Reply to Emails from Device

  • 7008613
  • 19-May-2011
  • 10-Dec-2013


Apple iPhone
Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack 1.1.1


  • User is able to receive email.
  • Replying to email is never received back in GroupWise.
  • Sending new email is never received in GroupWise.
  • Device had more then one email account created on the device, such as one for Google's GMail.


The device was set to use the non-Data Synchronizer account as the Default Account, so the device was trying to send internal mail out through the non-Data Synchronizer account.
To change the setting on a iPhone, go into Settings, then select"Mail, Contacts, Calendars", under the Mail subsection of options, there is a second smaller grouping of options, including:
  • Always Bcc Myself
  • Signature
  • Default Account
Choose the Default Account option, and that will take you to the options to choose, what the default account should be.  If a different account is used to send emails, other then the Data Synchronizer account, internal emails will try to route through the other account.  In order to make sure internal emails get routed correctly, please make sure the default account is set to use Data Synchronizer.