No results when using distinguishedName as part of an LDAP search filter

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  • 18-May-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.8 for All Platforms


Application requires the ability to use distinguishedName as a searchable attribute for eDirectory/NLDAP

When running a test search no entries are returned:

 ldapsearch -D cn=admin,o=novell -w novell -h -p 389 -b o=novell distinguishedName=cn=user.o=novell  dn  


ldapsearch -D cn=admin,o=novell -w novell -h -p 389 -b o=novell distinguishedName=*  dn


In eDirectory dn or distinguishedName is not an attribute with the DN of the object.  The name of the object isn't stored separately in eDirectory.


Schema can be extended to create an attribute = distinguishedName which can be added to the objects that you need to search with this attribute.

Create an AUX Class to contain the attribute distinguishedName. 

Roles/ Tasks
Create Attribute | Attribute name: distinguishedName | next
Syntax | Distinguished Name | next
Set Attribute flags | Single Valued | next | finished
Create Class |  Class name:  AddDn | next
Choose Auxiliary Class | next
Select classes the new class will inherit from | no need to select anything | next
Select the mandatory attributes | do not select anything at this point or you'll get a -609 missing mandatory when you add the objectclass to the user/object | next
Select the optional attributes | select the distinguishedName attribute created above. | next | Finished

Modify the user or object where you would like the distinguishedName attribute and add the aux class and attribute.
Roles & Tasks
Directory Administration
Modify object
Select an object to add the distinguishedName
Under General | Other
Choose Object Class | Edit | + | Type in the name of the aux class, in this case it would be addDN | OK
Modify the object again
Under General | Other
distinguishedName should now be an unvalued attribute | <-  to move the attribute to valued attribute | Add Attribute | Browse to the name of the object  | OK

Modify the object using an ldif:

dn: cn=user.o=context
changetype: modify
add: objectclass
objectclass: addDN
add: distinguishedName
distinguishedName: cn=user.o=context

Additional Information

NOTE: The value of this distinguishedName attribute will be updated when the object is moved or renamed