AM#201001004: User has Insufficient Rights to perform the backup

  • 7008590
  • 16-May-2011
  • 04-Aug-2015


Novell Access Manager 3.1
Novell Access Manager 4.0
Novell Access Manager 4.1



Create a configuration backup from the Admin Console suing the script "/opt/novell/devman/bin/"


The script fails showing the following error:

/opt/novell/devman/bin/ line 12: ./ No such file or directory
/opt/novell/devman/bin/ line 15: ${LOG_FILE}: ambiguous redirect
/opt/novell/devman/bin/ line 16: ${LOG_FILE}: ambiguous redirect
/opt/novell/devman/bin/ line 17: ${LOG_FILE}: ambiguous redirect
/opt/novell/devman/bin/ line 18: ${LOG_FILE}: ambiguous redirect
/opt/novell/devman/bin/ line 19: ${LOG_FILE}: ambiguous redirect
/opt/novell/devman/bin/ line 20: ${LOG_FILE}: ambiguous redirect
/opt/novell/devman/bin/ line 21: ${LOG_FILE}: ambiguous redirect
/opt/novell/devman/bin/ line 22: ${LOG_FILE}: ambiguous redirect
/opt/novell/devman/bin/ line 49: ${LOG_FILE}: ambiguous redirect

**** Error *************** Error *************** Error ****

AM#201001004: User has Insufficient Rights to perform the backup.

FAILED to backup. Please verify
    IP Address:           
    LDAP Port:            
    Administrator id:     
    Administrator Password: ***
    Backup path:          
    Backup file:          
    eDirectory Server:    
    eDirectory Tree:      
    Certificate Encryption Phrase: ***

**** Error *************** Error *************** Error ****
Log file for this backup is


The script was executed from a directory different than "/opt/novell/devman/bin".

Please move to the destination directory before to run the script:

cd /opt/novell/devman/bin