Sending Mailboxes Containing Winmail.dat Attachments, Killing the GWIA

  • 7008573
  • 12-May-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


GroupWise 8.0.2 HotPatch 2.
Using IMAP to sync mailboxes to GroupWise


  • Migrating mailboxes to GroupWise via IMAP.
  • Mailboxes containing email with winmail.dat attachments, crash, kill or cause the GWIA or POA to fail, when sync'd with IMAP.
  • Mailboxes containing emails without winmail.dat, migrate fine.
  • When GWIA fails on winmail.dat attachments, memory corruption error occurs on the system console.


This fix is available in post patch 802hp2, available after May 27th 2011.  Currently it is not available to the public, and would have to be requested directly from Novell Technical Support (NTS).

There were several fixes made that will have effect on the IMAP code in both the GWIA and POA, as well as how the GroupWise Client imports a MIME file.  The fix addresses the exact symptoms listed in this bug, however it's possible that other issues with similar symptoms may still be present.  If such a issue is encountered after applying code available after May 27th 2011, then please open up a new Service Request with NTS and provide the MIME file that causes the problem, and reference this TID to help the NTS engineer.

Additional Information

Winmail.dat is a Microsoft proprietary format.  Microsoft does not give out this code, and any problems on GroupWise resulting in the use of this format, will not be a easy thing to fix since Novell can't easily see the internal workings of this format or predict side affects inside of GroupWise.  If problems are encountered, please report them to Novell, and discontinue using them until the problem area can be identified.  Novell is looking into these issues, but has not been able to duplicate the problems.