Unable Sync Accounts Having "e" in Their User ID

  • 7008569
  • 12-May-2011
  • 10-Dec-2013


Data Synchronizer 1.1.1 (Build 343)


  • Users with a 'e' in their User ID are unable to Sync.
  • User IDs modeled after ###e###, such as 123e456, don't sync.
  • User IDs with other letters in the middle, such as 123s456, sync fine.
  • Any other combination of User IDs seem to sync fine.
  • Events seem to sync fine to the GroupWise Connector, but no events sync to the Mobility Connector.


A fix is available through Novell Technical Support.  The fix is not yet available to the public, but should be available with the next public release of DataSync.  The fix is not a complete install, but the replacement of a particular file.  It's best to have a backup of this file and rename it when putting it in place.  Once it's in place a restart of the services will be required, so please plan accordingly.  Novell Technical Support may give further instructions once the file is given out.

Work around:
Try renaming the User ID into a different format, such as renaming User IDs from 123e456 to e123456, this should allow the users to sync.