Defects fixed in the IDM 4.0.1 release

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  • 12-May-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 4.0.1
Novell Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module 4.0.1
Designer for Novell Identity Manager 4.0.1
Novell Identity Manager Reporting Tool 1.0


Defects fixed in Novell Identity Manager 4.0.1 Engine and Drivers:

Defect IDComponentDescription
617978AD Password Sync-Password AgentStatus column Password Filters only partially shows if domain name is long.
631782Audit IntegrationDirXML Error audit events for E_ADDING_FILTER_ATTR and E_ADDING_FILTER_CLASS
268170Client Login ExtensionField Navigation Fails
550392Client Login ExtensionCLE Configuration fails on the French msi with SQL errors
624950Driver-Active DirectoryError LDAP_INVALID_CREDENTIALS on check password status
654813Driver-Active DirectoryFailure to restart AD drivers running locally on WINDOWS 2008 R2
660434Driver-Active DirectoryIdentity Manager MAD shim does not properly handle queries for zero-length strings
672243Driver-Active Directory - ConfigCollector experiancing exceptions and corrupting data
635888Driver-DataCollectionServiceUnable to update the removed role DAL categories in database.
630106Driver-DataCollectionService - ConfigDCS Driver Managed System Gateway Registration User DN (LDAP) Info text needs to be more detailed
584002Driver-JDBCIdentity Manager JDBC driver removes spaces from values of only spaces.
630032Driver-JDBC - ConfigJDBC driver doesn't shutdown when database connectivity is lost during a query
642430Driver-LDAPBoolean attributes not cased correctly by engine in input document
661302Driver-LDAPDeleted values in oID changelog are reported as a unicode character instead of a remove-value in the XDS
661385Driver-LDAPLDAP Driver removes empty lines on multi-lined value modifies.
652077Driver-Lotus Notes - ConfigLogin Disabled being set(write back) for group objects during add
640695Driver-ManagedSystemGateway - ConfigManaged System Gateway Driver should support queries across driversets
667089Driver-Manual TaskAfter upgrade from IDM361 to IDM4, Manual Task Driver won't start
682197Driver-Manual Task - ConfigManual Task driver has fatal error
627871Driver-Role-Based Entitlementsmembers of nested groups do not get entitlements
512040Driver-SAP HR (JCo 3)Please add the SAP System ID (SID) to modify document event-id
603829Driver-SAP UserTrying to add a role that doesn't exist does not return an error.
663244Driver-SAP User - ConfigDirXML-Accounts not being updating during match/merge
664523Driver-SAP User (JCo 3)SAP UM 3.6.6 (JCo3) shim in endless loop if the SAP account has already been deleted
666562Driver-SAP User (JCo 3)Existing User objects at CUA Client are deleted, when UserAccount entitlement is initial set
667936Driver-SAP User (JCo 3)SAP-USER driver retrurn delete event if a system assignment for a CUA child is removed
659921Driver-Work OrderIDM WorkOrder shim incorrectly maps CreationDate to Creator when Creator is not present
665718Engine-DirXML ScriptStrip XPath expression causes a -9010 exception error on a valid XPath document
671675Engine-DirXML ScriptStatus document generated thru policy not going back thru output transform
675791Engine-DirXML ScriptAD Driver cannot set msRTCSIP-UserPolicy DNBinary attribute
659272Engine-FunctionalityIDM Engine should provide a LDAP extension for getting the Named Password Value
463803Engine-Job Schedulerwrong Originator in Driver Health State Changed (304CE) event
655638Engine-OtherIdentity Manager trace should show DN of object with existing association.
623413Framework - configureFailed to extend schema when eDir password is complex
654815Framework - configureWI configure: Challenge Response nmas-methods are not installed
600880II - ConfigureWI configuration screen does not have tool tips
633941II - ConfigureRBPM configuration fails, If we install & configure Meta Directory and RBPM separately
643790II - ConfigureRBPM failed to configure but reporting is passed
653126II - ConfigureConfigure default driverset name to "driverset2"
663713II - ConfigureIdentity Manager 4.0 properties files have bad examples and default values
624990II - Installkeeping component dependencies cleaner
643713II - InstallWrapper install & config not using requested install drive for all components
645648II - InstallIDM install properties files reference incorrect paths for other files
649718II - InstallUser Application Driver does have hardcoded IP address
665672II - InstallSilent property file incorrect
640898Install-FrameworkIDM installer will create empty DirXMLUtilities folder
647257Install-FrameworkFramwork install needs to check for nrf-case-update schema
655903Install-FrameworkUpgrade of eDir overwrites logevent.conf
655908Install-FrameworkIDM audit selections are wiped out during an upgrade
672379Install-FrameworkIncorrect text in the IDM framework install screen
619894Plugins-DirXML AdministrationJava exception while deleting multiple associations from driver inspector
661827Plugins-DirXML AdministrationSome IDM plugin tasks not available in certain non-English Languages
640916Plugins-Job SchedulerZombie jobs continue to run even after deletion
659310Plugins-OtherAvaya Driver Packages does not create the driver correctly
409095Plugins-Role-Based EntitlementsSP: RBE plugin need to support the x-sparse flag for the membership query
642725Plugins-Role-Based EntitlementsMake RBE iManager plugins IDM4-aware
656425Remote Loader-EngineRemote Loader on IDM 4.0 still defaults to "Interact with Desktop"
574796Remote Loader-GUIrdxml script error bad substitution on solaris
652290RMA - Resource AwareRMA fails to locate entitlement based drivers on multiple driversets
659832RMA - Resource AwareAllow Multiple Configuration Profiles in RMA
676564UtilitiesLaunching DXCMD gives Incompatible Jclient/Dclient error on Windows if IDM and eDir have patched jclient files

Defects fixed in Novell Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module 4.0.1:

Defect IDComponentDescription
654968Dashboard - Role AssignmentsUnable to view Role Assigments that were granted via group membership
681598Dashboard - Role Assignments(capricorn): Deleting an eDirectory user that is assigned to a role/resource cause the Request Status tab to never display screen
640490Dashboard - Task Notifications(capricorn): Tasks do not appear for the Delegatee if they are Provisioning Manager or Provisioning Administrator
642657Driver - Role and Resource ServiceUpdate error message issued by Role and Resource driver when encountering invalid JSON in an entitlement parameter
532314Driver - User ApplicationUser Application not throwing error message after expiry date when using 3.6 activation credentials
641802Driver - User Applicationpackage content for user app driver differs in Sod prd object reference
666812Framework - AuditA new event needs to be emitted whenever an AE feature is used in an SE setup
641744Framework - Delegation/Availability/ProxyDelegation assignment is performing exact case comparison
575797Framework - Roles/ResourcesResource Request
652925Framework - Roles/ResourcesENH: Have the UA be able to work with IDM Drivers on different DriverSets
653158Framework - Workflow EngineGCVs that are references to named passwords don' t work correctly with workflows.
666813Framework - Workflow EngineThe events emitted from workflows should contain the comment entered by the approvers
572631Installation/Build Standard WAR: Process Container Macros Error on starting Weblogic Server
574769Installation/Build RBPM Install restarts eDirectory without notification/prompt/option/need
616362Installation/Build RBPM Driver install will hang if plaintext connections are not enabled.
633884Installation/Build Update XliffValidator on Subversion server
641758Installation/Build RBPM 3.7 Installer Fails When Installing on Host with Multiple IP Addresses
660995Installation/Build Silent Install does not provide master-key.txt
660996Installation/Build Silent install is not validating root user only
663846Installation/Build Identity Manager JBoss installation allows any system user to stop JBoss.
665841Installation/Build stop-jboss.bat script is not passing the correct port number
640569Password - Forgot PasswordENH: Use double byte charactors resetting password using Challenge Response
628330Portlets - AccessoryRemove Association Report Portlet
658534Provisioning-Tasks/Approval user task timeout, if no timeout set for user-activiity timeoput property the engine setting for user activity should be used. This is not working.
642870Resources - ServiceResource mapping to Entitlement does not show with a long Description on Entitlement
653636Roles - AuditWrong target title for Role/Resource Approved/Denied events
653639Roles - Auditmissing Text3 title for Role Request (00031610) event
640630Roles - Report Roles/SoD/User(.Next): Having a special character in the Justification causes issues with the SoD Violations and Exceptions Report

Defects fixed in Designer for Novell Identity Manager 4.0.1:

Defect IDComponentDescription
654835Application FrameworkDesigner 4.0 system requirements are missing important details
658693Application FrameworkIdentity Manager Designer appears to leak memory during normal use.
663855Application FrameworkIdentity Manager Designer unable to deploy or compare driverset
668492Application FrameworkIdentity Manager Designer nullpointer opening system model
667444DeployProjects losing data after compare. Policies getting removed.
674370ImportDesigner 4.0 unable to import from new Project from server with non-standard NCP port
653106Package ManagerInstalling the SharePoint and Drivers Packages Install Fails When Right-Click the Driver Set to Create the Driver
655945Package ManagerDesigner package manager goes online to retrieve dtd file
658425Package ManagerNew attributes from an extension package do not show up immediately in an entity
659184Package ManagerPackages are not properly updating content
654823Policy BuilderDesigner policy builder view breaks when rule condition group is empty but valid.
653954Provisioning-MigrationDanish language is not added during driver migration process
673246Provisioning-Provisioning ViewResource Request activity:Description pane should be added in properties view .

Defects fixed in Novell Identity Manager Reporting Tool 1.0:

Defect IDComponentDescription
639794EAS ProfileEAS exception getting MAC address, fails on 2 G memory machine
643405EAS ProfileBad symbolic link /opt/novell/sentinel_eas/3rdparty/activemq/activemq-all-5.3.0.jar
668534EAS ProfileConnectors configured for EAS should use mutual auth
629762Framework - Data Collection ServiceNeed info on "Non-Managed application data source"
652356Framework - Data Collection ServiceWarning should be removed from the server log when a custom datasource is not registered with a username and password
652359Framework - Data Collection ServiceUnable to collect data from a custom datasource
622752Framework - Databasepersistence framework should support handling of stateless seesion
631615Framework - Databaseidmrpt_idv_identity_trust.request_date column is not being populated
632477Framework - DatabaseNo allowance is made for the removal of extended attributes
652468Framework - Localization FL10N: ReportConfig.bin does not allow adding a new supported language
658841Framework - Localization file contains empty jar files
658844Framework - Localization Properties files generated for string customization have corrupted characters
669580Framework - Localization Properties files generated for string customization have corrupted characters
633259InstallationEAS Installer Prompts for dbauser in the console not the GUI interface
635095InstallationRPT Install Database Error message needs to be fixed up
635186InstallationIDMRPT needs a way for customers to add their own naudit certificates
644090InstallationHave EAS use a new ID instead of novell
652085InstallationNeed to internationalize for the log application identifier
657252InstallationIDMReporting installation expects sentinel_eas activemq on port 61616 only
646312Report Content (rpz, spz, zip)Zip version of Identity Vault User Report contains the incorrect criterias
643641Report DefinitionsUtilize Jasper Virtualization to enable large reports
663741Report DefinitionsNeed to update IDM reports based on idmrpt_rpt_driver table change
643827Reports(capricorn): Running Roles Report seeing error: