Launching DXCMD gives Incompatible Jclient/Dclient error on Windows

  • 7008560
  • 11-May-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.6.1
Novell Identity Manager 4.0


On a windows box, the DXCMD utility will fail to launch and give an error
"Incompatible Jclient/Dclient" error
This only happens on Windows.  Linux is fine.


To workaround the problem you can copy the jclient.jar file from the eDirectory
c:\novell\nds\lib directory to the c:\Program files\Common files\Novell\ni\lib directory.
This problem is fixed in IDM 4.0.1
This problem is caused by having different versions of the JClient.jar in various locations.  When eDirectory is patched it lays down it's version of the file, but only in the c:\novell\nds\lib directory.