Accepted Appointments Continue to Show in Mailbox

  • 7008558
  • 11-May-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


GroupWise Client 8.x


User accepts appointment, but appointment continues to show in mailbox.


This is Working as Designed.  There is now a option in the GroupWise client that can be set to continue to display appointments after they have been accepted, in the mailbox view.  This can be enabled/disabled from the GroupWise client, by going into Tools, Options, Calendar, and on the right hand side of the option menu, under Accept Options, the third check box down says "On accept, continue to display the item in the Mailbox".  This can be enabled or disabled at will.  Some users like to see the appointments in their mailbox, to act as reminders without having to look at their calendar for the day.