ConsoleOne error on Windows 7 workstations

  • 7008554
  • 31-May-2012
  • 08-Sep-2015


Novell Client for Windows 7
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux
Novell ConsoleOne 1.3.6
Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server


Running ConsoleOne on Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2 in some cases returns an error:
Error: com.novell.admin.common.exceptions.AdminError:com.novell.admin.ns.nds.jndi.NDSSchemaImpl: Internal Error -1

The error is sometimes presented as a -603 invalid attribute where the attribute in question is always missing the very last character.


We currently do not have a resolution.  This error occurs both with and without GroupWise snapins.  It's also not happening on all workstations for all customers.  The current workarounds are to either use ConsoleOne directly from the OES2 / OES11 server console or from a Windows XP workstation.
So far the common thread seems to be the addition of a new OES server into the tree


Reported to engineering however this issue will not be resolved as ConsoleOne has been discontinued for years.  The only cases where it is still supported would be in the administration of GroupWise 2012 or Novell Messenger and in those cases only with the GroupWise or Messenger plugins.