How to migrate documents from a GroupWise library into Teaming / Vibe.

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  • 11-May-2011
  • 29-Oct-2013


Novell Teaming 2
Novell Vibe OnPrem
Novell GroupWise 8


You would like to migrate your documents that you store inside any GroupWise library into Teaming / Vibe environment.


There is very elegant and simple way how to achieve this goal. What you will need is following:
1. On GroupWise site you will need to enable Teaming integration. This can be configured by C1 in Client Options | Environment | Teaming tab. For more configuration details either read help from C1 or consult online GroupWise 8 documentation.
2. Login into GroupWise mailbox that has enabled Teaming integration. This will provide you with extra Teaming folders. If you authenticate to your Teaming account, you get displayed all folders from your personal Teaming workspace, among other Teaming stuff. 
3. Set a (Windows) GroupWise client folder view to display both, your GroupWise and also Teaming folders.
4. Now you can find all static document references of your documents that you have published in a GroupWise library. Select one of these published documents and drag-and-drop it into any of Teaming folders.
5. If you login now into Teaming account via web browser you will find "migrated" document from GWDMS into your teaming folder.