Novell Service Desk LDAP configuration does not recognize groups or group members

  • 7008528
  • 05-May-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Service Desk


When installing and configuring Novell Service Desk to use an LDAP directory on a SLES server, the groups and group members are not recognized. LDAP groups and users are created with YaST2 through User and Group management.

Novell Service Desk requires that groups have an LDAP object class definition of groupOfUniqueNames. The User and Group management tool in YaST2 creates groups that have an object class definition of groupOfNames . This is what causes Novell Service desk to not recognize the groups and users in the LDAP structure.


1- Use an LDAP browser that is capable of creating a group with a class definition of groupOfUniqueNames to create the needed groups in the LDAP directory and add users to those groups.

2- Test the settings in Novell Service Desk again and it should recognize the groups and users.