Server License not acquired on non replica NetWare server

  • 7008487
  • 29-Apr-2011
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server


  • Installed SuSE servers in tree and removed replicas of partition which holds Licence Container Object from all NetWare servers.
  • NetWare server restarted and shows license as Not Acquired.
  • NetWare servers do not hold replica of any partitions.
  • NetWare Cluster nodes holding No replica of any parttion shows license as Not Acquired.
  • An LSP running on one server has attempted to fulfill a request by communicating with an LSP running on another server.
    Possible Cause:  The requested LSP is not available.
    Return Code:  0xC000400E   NLS_REMOTE_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE
  • The application is unable to communicate with network error in NetWare Administration utility.
    Make sure that the NDS database is open and that the replicas are syncronizing.
    Return Code: 0xC00001008 LS_NEWORK_UNAVAILABLE
  • Managing License Container from non replica NetWare server from Netware Administration utility comes up with unappropriate rights issue.
  • Users unable to map drives after rebooting the NetWare server.


NetWare server is unable to get the license information from Directory Services.
MLA licence is installed in the uppermost container [Organization] so that all servers in the tree can acquire that licence. Make sure the License is installed in the top most container or the container (Organisation) the server is installed in.
Follow the below mentioned corrective steps if the NetWare server is non replica server to resolve the license issue :
Add the replica of [Root] parttion to NetWare server in question or Create Licence Container Object Novell+Netware 6 Server+650 as the partition and put replica of Licence object parttion on NetWare 6.5 server in question.
To make License Container Object as the partition follow the below mentioned steps :
  1. Launch ConsoleOne.
  2. Select Partition and Replica View in View tab.
  3. Select Licence Container Object named Novell+Netware 6 Server+650
  4. Select the symbol for Creat Parttion or select Create Partition in Edit menu.
  5. Once the parttion status is On, put replica of "Novell+Netware 6 Server+650" to Netware server in question.
  6. Issue Version command on the server console and now it should show license as Audited or Hardstop as per the type of license installed in the tree.

Additional Information

MLA licenses should be installed in or above the server’s context. You can install MLA licenses as many times as you want, but in most cases you need install them only once in each tree, usually in the Organization (O) container.