ActiveX warning on messages in the Windows client

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  • 28-Apr-2011
  • 15-Apr-2013


Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2 Hot Patch 1
Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2 Hot Patch 2


When opening messages in the GroupWise Windows client, the warning "GroupWise has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer.  Click here to allow access."


Situation 1: This is considered working as designed as GroupWise is more secure.  It does not just open/activate code embeded in emails.  To workaround around this, set the following option:

On the client, go to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Default Actions and choose the option to Never show warnings.

Situation 2: The setting is already set to never show warnings, as mentioned in Situation1 (Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Default Actions the option to Never show warnings).

This is due to an upgrade of Internet Explorer on the workstation from any version to IE9.  Since GroupWise uses IE as the rendering engine it is picking up some change that has been made to IE.
At the moment the only work around is to go back to IE8.

Note: This is believed to be addressed in 8.02 HP3 and later. If the warnings is still displayed after the settings has been changed to "disable warnings", please contact Novell Support.