GroupWise Client Cursor Freezes/Hangs When Writing Emails

  • 7008463
  • 26-Apr-2011
  • 07-Jun-2013


Novell GroupWise 8.x
Microsoft Windows 7


While writing/editing emails, the cursor quits moving while using the arrow keys. 
Sometimes the cursor will move one direction but not another direction.
Closing the client when the cursor freezes/hangs, may cause the GroupWise client to crash.
After the cursor freezes/hangs, waiting for a few seconds to a couple of minutes may allow the cursor to become usable again.


Updated June 7th 2013 - Applying latest GroupWise 8 code, seems to have resolved the issue.

Additional Information

Novell has been unable to duplicate this problem.  Only recently has a customer reported a crash when closing the GroupWise client when the frozen/hanging cursor has happened.  If additional information, programs running, or patterns are seen, please send information to Novell on this issue.

Some other possibilities:
Some people have seen similar behavior without the GroupWise client installed on Windows 7 workstations, in one case Microsoft Visio, others it has been related to Internet Explorer.
This sort of behavior has been with Windows 7 workstations that were upgraded from Vista.
Please make sure workstations are full patched for any applications or software running at the time of the problem