Error: "trusted loader attempted to load sandboxed resource" when launching Control Center

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  • 20-Apr-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Sentinel RD


After updating the JVM on the workstation, Control Center fails to launch from RD's web interface. When Control Center is launched, a pop-up is presented, asking whether you want to "Block potentially unsafe components from being run?". If you choose "Yes" (or Java is configured to block this), the login prompt will appear and the following error occurs when you attempt to login:
Error intializing the communication layer: trusted loader attempted to load sandboxed resource from https://<serverIP>:8443/novellsiemdownloads/JACE.jar


Starting with Java SE 6 Update 19 release (or later), when a program contains both signed and unsigned components, a warning dialog is raised when a Web Start application contains both signed and unsigned components. This is a condition that could be potentially harmful, unless this is actually intended.

After upgrading the JVM on the workstation, this message will be presented when Control Center is launched. By clicking No in the initial dialog (option not to block the offending modules), Control Center will function correctly.

It is possible to edit the Java properties by opening the Java Control Panel, going to the Advanced tab, Security Options, Mixed Code and selecting this option "Enable - hide warning and run with protections".

Additional Information

For more information, look at the following link from Oracle regarding "Mixing Signed and Unsigned Code":