Can't Drag and Drop Emails from Folder to Folder in WebAccess

  • 7008423
  • 20-Apr-2011
  • 07-Jun-2013


GroupWise 8
GroupWise WebAccess
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server with IIS
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8


  • GroupWise WebAccess Agent and Application are both installed on Windows 2003.
  • The Windows 2003 server has Tomcat and IIS installed.
  • Unable to drag and drop email into folders about half the time, using WebAccess with Internet Explorer 8.
  • Users CAN drag and drop emails all the time, using WebAccess and Fire Fox.
  • Users CAN drag and drop emails all the time, with WebAccess Agent and Application installed on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES).


Applying the latest GroupWise code and updating the Windows OS seems to have resolved this issue.

Work Arounds:
  • Use Fire Fox.
  • Use a different version of Internet Explorer.
  • Install WebAccess onto SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES).

Additional Information

Currently this works fine in the next version of GroupWise, code named Ascot.  Development is still pursuing the issue with GroupWise 8.  GroupWise Ascot WebAccess works a lot differently then the 8.x version, partly due to the fact that WebAccess is going to be a SOAP application in Ascot.  At this time, the beta for GroupWise Ascot is not yet available, but is expected sometime in May 2011.  No patches for GroupWise 8 are expected prior to the full public release of GroupWise Ascot, non Beta.