Failed to download floppy file from VMware datastore

  • 7008408
  • 19-Apr-2011
  • 10-Dec-2014


Platespin Migrate 9.x, Platespin Protect 10.x
Workload migration/protection to target ESX host in a cluster (discovered via VCenter/Vsphere).


Migration, Test Failover, Failover and Prepare for Failover jobs enter into a Recoverable Error state when trying to download files (such as the target VM's floppy image) from the DRS cluster (Virtual Center) container. 

Error information may include an HTTP 500 error reported from the ESX, ESXi, or Virtual Center server.


The following solutions only apply to DRS cluster targets, and only if none of the issues discussed in TID 7008306 are present:
Solution 1:

1. Using the VMWare client, suspend the target VM
2. Wait until the errors no longer appear
3. Resume the VM

Note: If this issue re-occurs, contact support

Solution 2:

Note: It is recommended that support be contacted before attempting the following steps.

1. Using the VMWare client, edit the settings for the VM
2. Disconnect the floppy drive and click Ok
3. Wait 1-2 minutes
4. Reconnect the floppy drive and click Ok

Solution 3:

There is a patch available that may help resolve this issue, but only applies if the replication is targeting a DRS cluster. Contact support to get a copy of the patch.


This issue only occurs when targeting DRS clusters.  The error occurs because the Virtual Center server attempts to download the floppy image for a target VM when the file is locked by a host in the cluster.

Additional Information

This issue can be caused by the same root causes as those documented in TID 7008306, for issues that can occur when uploading files.  For those situations, the solutions described in that TID will resolve issues downloading files as well.