Active Views stop responding after ten days from first use until Sentinel is restarted.

  • 7008369
  • 13-Apr-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Sentinel 6.1
Novell Sentinel RD
Active Views within the Sentinel Control Center (SCC)
RedHat Enterprise Linux


Active Views being used by Sentinel users show up properly and work for over a week and then fail to be useful anymore until Sentinel is restarted.


A RedHat-defined, default cron job utilizing the tmpwatch utility was found to be deleting files from the /tmp directory on the main Sentinel system after a period of time, by default ten days.  The version of the tmpwatch command on the system could not be tuned to exclude specific paths in a pattern-based way so the end result was to disable tmpwatch or extend its cleanup time to reduce the frequency of the problem.

Another option is to make sure that Sentinel restarts more often than the tmpwatch-based job cleans out the /tmp directory in order to ensure that the files are being updated regularly.

Resolving the symptom can be done by simply restarting das_rt component of Sentinel via the Sentinel Control Center vs. restarting the entire Sentinel service.