Devices updated to ZCM 11.2 MU2 will show a pending state if ZCM 11.2 MU1 is imported afterwards

  • 7008363
  • 29-May-2012
  • 07-Jun-2012


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2


Devices that have been updated to ZCM 11.2 MU2 are shown in ZCC as Pending against ZCM 11.2 MU1. This only occurs if ZCM 11.2 MU1 is imported into the zone using 'zman sui -b' after ZCM 11.2 MU2 has already been applied.


Workaround: Don't import ZCM 11.2 MU1 after importing ZCM 11.2 MU2: it's not needed, as ZCM 11.2 MU2 contains all the fixes from ZCM 11.2 MU1 as well.

Reported to engineering for future Monthly Update releases.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Steps to reproduce:
1) Update the server from 11.2.0 to ZCM 11.2 MU2. Wait till update completes, reboots and baselines.
2) Import the 11.2.0 MU1 with zman sui -b
3) Once the MU1 update is imported and baselined, navigate to ZCC > Configuration > System Updates > Monthly Update > Superceded Updates > Monthly Update 1 for ZENworks 11 (SP2) > Look at Pending devices list.
4) The primary server which was already updated to ZCM 11.2 MU2 is now marked pending against ZCM 11.2 MU1 and even after refreshing the server, the status doesn't change.

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