Published calendars cannot be accessed or are not being downloaded

  • 7008295
  • 06-Apr-2011
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2
Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2 Hot Patch 1
Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2 Hot Patch 2


When accessing a published calendar, the browser give a error 404.

When downloading a published calendar to a GroupWise client, this will fail and the user will see a red X in the calendar icon.

In the logfile of the Calendar Publishing Agent you will see the following message:
13:54:07, <GWCAL>, -, INFO, -, Requesting list of users from post office. non-SSL
13:54:07, <GWCAL>, -, INFO, -, Sending request to POA:
      GET /ical/getuserlist HTTP/1.1
      X-GW-Agent-Id: 562511850651d173d1f2a1ea1b1c17f1b4d231a28
      X-GW-CalHost-Id: R3dDYmRhcjAx
13:54:07, <GWCAL>, -, INFO, -, POA Response:
      Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2011 13:54:07 GMT
      Server: Linux GroupWise POA 8.0.2
      Content-Type: text/html
      Pragma: no-cache
      <html><head><title>Error 404</title></head><body><h1>HTTP: 404 URL not found - ical/getuserlist</h1></body></html>

The PostOffice GwCal is connecting to has no users.


Change the PostOffice where GWCal has to connected to. Please select a PostOffice that has users.
Changing the PostOffice has to be done via the admin page from GWCal ( http://server/gwcal/admin).