iPrint Direct SNMP Community String feature

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  • 31-Mar-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint Client for Windows


When using iPrint Direct, the SNMP Community String feature is not honored.


Apply the iPrint Client version 5.60 or later.  The SNMP Community String configured on the Printer Agent (server side object) will be auto pushed down to the iPrint Client (workstation side configuration).  When the iPrint Client 5.60 or later is installed on the workstation, that SNMP Community String will be honored.

Additional Information

How is SNMP used with iPrint?
SNMP is a protocol installed to network printers which allow for clients to query the printer for information.  The iPrint Gateway has an SNMP client which queries the printer for model information, printer status, printer sub-status, etc.  That information can be viewed through Novell management tools (iManager, /psmstatus page, etc) and is also pushed down to workstations which have the printer installed.
What is an SNMP Community String?
Most network printers allow for the configuration of a Community String, which is a basic form of SNMP security. 
How does an SNMP Community String affect iPrint?
When a Community String is configured to a network printer, the iPrint Gateway, with its default configuration, will fail to communicate via SNMP to that printer.  To cause the Printer Agent to successfully communicate to a network printer with a Community String set, configure the Gateway Autoload Command with the Community String feature.  See KB 3604883 for information on configuring the Community String.
The ability to configure a Community String within the server side component of the iPrint Gateway has existed since 2004.
Why does the iPrint Client need to support Community Strings?
Understanding the SNMP Community String was introduced to the iPrint client in version 5.60 (year 2011).  The iPrint Client must honor the SNMP Community String configuration when the iPrint Direct feature is implemented. 

See KB 7001343 for information on iPrint Direct.  In summary of that TID: iPrint Direct causes the iPrint printer installed to the workstation to communicate directly to the network printer, thereby bypassing the iPrint Gateway and the iPrint Gateway Community String configuration.  With the iPrint Client 5.60 or later, the SNMP Gateway configuration is auto pushed down to the workstation and allows the iPrint client to communicate to the network printer with that specified Community String value.