Installing NOC on SLES11 with Oracle Java (Beginner's approach)

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  • 28-Mar-2011
  • 26-Jun-2012


Novell Operations Center Business Service Manager 4.7
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11


SLES11 installation CD comes with IBM Java package pre-installed, and this package is also by default being installed during the SLES o.s. installation phase. Unfortunately, IBM Java might cause some after-installation troubles, and would require certain level of o.s. experience. Therefore for beginners and for those who do not want to spend extra time by solving perhaps non-trivial o.s. issues, using Oracle Java with NOC on SLES11 seems to be a better choice. This TID is intended to help those who begin either with SLES11 Linux, or with NOC 4.7, or both. It describes step by step how to install Oracle Java and NOC 4.7 on SLES11 operating system.


I. Oracle Java installation
Install Oracle JRE, at least the version JRE 1.6.0_19 (or higher).  It seems to be quite important to have Java installed exactly as it is recommended in the documentation, i.e:
  1. login as root
  2. create /usr/java subdir
  3. copy self-extracting rpm there
  4. run the package from there - it will extract and install. It should return no error. In case the installation returns error(s), then you are probably out of luck with following NOC installation, and you should step back, check your Java installation error(s), and repeat the Java installation.
II. O.S. path variable update
After successful Java installation, search path needs to be added to /etc/profile.local, and not to user's specific .bashrc file. This way the Oracle Java installation should work correctly for all users:
    export PATH
Re-login as a root and check if search path works, i.e. command "./java -version" should return correct Oracle Java version information.

III.  NOC installation
  1. mount NOC CD-ROM
  2. change your working directory to there
  3. run ./
  4. install to the root of your disk, for example to /ManagedObjects
  5. installation process should find your installed Oracle Java instance. If it does not, then you are out of luck, and should   return back to the step I. above.

IV. After installation tasks
  1. Once the installation completes, check the installation log. You might get warning due to missing license file, but this is OK. License file can be copied any time later to /ManagedObject/config directory.
  2. Run Configuration Manager (./Customizer) and check which IP address has been used for server's IP address, and for Event Integrator Agent's Manager Host. It can happen that the installation process mistakenly picks the loopback address for these parameters. You should replace loopback address  with real IP address of your server! This is very important and will save you from lot of possible troubles in the future. Always avoid using loopback IP address in you NOC configuration.

V. Starting and stopping your installed NOC
Now you can start your NOC using the following starting sequence:
  cd /ManagedObjects/bin
  ./mosdaemon -boot

If you need to stop the product, please use this sequence:
  cd /ManagedObjects/bin
  ./mosstop -shutdown  

And you can check the status of the product using this sequence:
  cd /ManagedObjects/bin