Appointments get incorrectly deleted on a mobile device based on creation time.

  • 7008175
  • 22-Mar-2011
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack Update 2


When you create on a mobile device a future appointment, this gets deleted from the device in approx. +2 weeks time when it was created and not based upon a Start & End of the appointment.


This issue has been resolved in Mobility Pack 1.1.2

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Here are steps to duplicate, for instance, on iPhone device:
1. Set on a phone Calendar a test appointment in 3 weeks ahead time and then sync it.

2. The appointment shows correctly on a device & GroupWise Calendar.

3. Now move a date on a phone +2 weeks ahead present time. On iPhone go into Setting -> General -> Date & Time -> put Set Automatically in Off mode and next set a date ahead of +2 weeks.

4. With new date set on a device, sync again. You will notice that the appointment is gone from a device calendar. It is still present in a GroupWise calendar.