ics_dyn process crashes generating multiple cores after the application of Service Pack 3

  • 7008165
  • 21-Mar-2011
  • 07-Jun-2013


Novell Access Manager 3.1.3-247 Linux Access Gateway



ics_dyn process on the LAG crash multiple times per day generating core files.


Novell Access Manager Service Pack 3 has been applied


There is a known issue within SP3 that is causing the ics_dyn process to crash, generate a core file and then restart itself automatically.

In order to fix the problem, the following touch file needs to be created on the LAG:

touch /var/novell/.enableWorkCancelFix

After the file has been created, a restart of"/etc/init.d/novell-vmc" service is needed to make it effective; please note that restarting this process will cause a lack of service for the time needed for the restart operation to be completed.

The issue has been fixed with SP3 IR2.

Additional Information

In order to be 100% sure that you are facing this specific issue, the only way is to look at the backtrace from the core files generated when the ics_dyn process crash. Detailed instructions on how to get the backtrace from the core are available in the following document:

KB 7006047 - Troubleshooting cheat sheet - howto Troubleshoot Linux Access Gateway 3.1 crash or hang issues

Here is a sample backtrace obtained from a system experiencing this issue:

#0 0xb5af3cd3 in HTTPProxyFirstRequestData (rb=0xab869020) at /home/schoi/build_sles11/LinuxAccessGateway~AccessManager3.1_SP3/LinuxAccessGateway/legacy/s_proxy/request.h:2869
#1 0xb7fca33f in _ExecuteWork (thread=0xb5f1d3f0, work=0xab869048) at sysapi.c:637
#2 0xb7fcaeaa in _WorkThreadMain (param=0xb7fd4790) at sysapi.c:896
#3 0xb7fc6df3 in threadMain (args=0xb5f1d3f0) at nksthread.c:156 #4 0xb7d8d1b5 in start_thread () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
#5 0xb7e723be in clone () from /lib/libc.so.6

Please note that this backtrace was obtained using the proper symbols, without them will look as follows:

#0 0xb5af3cd3 in ?? () from /opt/novell/lib/proxy.so.1
#1 0xb7fca33f in ?? () from /opt/novell/bin/../lib/osplatform.so.1
#2 0xb7fcaeaa in ?? () from /opt/novell/bin/../lib/osplatform.so.1
#3 0xb7fc6df3 in ?? () from /opt/novell/bin/../lib/osplatform.so.1
#4 0xb7d8d1b5 in start_thread () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
#5 0xb7e723be in ?? () from /lib/libc.so.6