When does content for DAU get scheduled in Content type schedules?

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  • 14-Mar-2011
  • 19-Jan-2016


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management
Novell ZENworks 11 Configuration Management


Since the addition of satellite server content synchronization schedules based on content type, when does DAU (Discover Applicable Update) content get synchronized?


DAU synch is part of Critical Patch content types.

Note however, that the patch agents sync on type of Patch System.  It is best to do both content types for sync since the DAU child patch-agent bundles should sync at the same time.

In 11.4 and later a new global system variable is introduced: 


If that is set to true then DAU bundles will be created with content type of Patch System.  Note:  If this is not set prior to existing DAU bundles being created, it is necessary to delete the existing DAU bundles and then re-download the subscription update.

Additional Information

Query to get bundle names and content type:

select ZUID,Name,SubType,ContentTypeTags from zZENObject o , zACOContentTypeTags act where act.id = o.ZUID order by subtype,ContentTypeTags