Problems with extended characters on iPhone after changing default language.

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  • 14-Mar-2011
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell Data Synchronizer


Once you change a default language on your iPhone or add alternate as a second one, mails that you sync afterwards which have extended characters have problems within a message body. text in a subject field is displayed correctly. This happens when changing language in Russian or any of Asian languages.
A reason for changing a default language might be different. For instance you buy the phone abroad and then want to set it in your country locales or you prefer to use English instead of default language locales.


The only way to get the phone working correctly with extended chars is to do a HW restore via iTunes application. In case you have also valid working backup prior changing or adding a language, you can use this version, too.
The fix is going to be included in Datasync version 1.2.

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:

1. Please, before testing this make sure you have a valid, recent backup by iTunes !

2. Go into Settings -> General -> International.

3. Here change present language, for instance from English to Russian or any Asian language ... This will cause iPhone to reboot with new language settings.

4. In GroupWise mailbox create a mail with extended characters. Use any international web page to copy / paste a text into a subject field and also in a message body.

5. Synchronize the mail on your iPhone. You will notice that:

a) subject line displays a text correctly
b) message body gets all extended chars replaced by invalid ones

6. Deleting and reconfiguring the Exchange account does not help.

7. Even if you delete Exchange account and configure it with a new, different user mailbox, the problem is still the same.

8. Removing extra language settings from the iPhone and leaving all in English does not help.

9. You will need to restore the phone settings from backup ... Or do a HW reset only of you do not care about your original data.