How to recreate the SYS volume object for an OES2 Linux NCP server

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  • 07-Mar-2011
  • 21-Oct-2013


Novell eDirectory 8.8 for Linux
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux


An OES2 Linux server was removed from the tree and re-installed, but the objects associated with an NCP Server such as certificates, SAS, and the SYS volume object were not deleted from eDirectory before the server was re-inserted into the tree in the same container and had to be manually deleted.

There was no obvious way of recreating the eDirectory Volume object representing the SYS volume object: NSSMU didn't help as SYS on OES2 Linux is not an NSS volume (just a Linux mount point) and ncpconfig could create the SYS volume file structure from the mount point but did not recreate the eDirectory volume object.


The following command created the volume object: /opt/novell/ncpserv/bin/createVol -a cn=rtaback.o=rta -p xxxxxx -v sys -m /usr/novell/sys
successfully installed ncpserv

-a is a user object with Admin rights to the NCP Server object container (tree Admin will do of course)
-p is that user's password
-v is the name of the volume object to be created
-m is the Linux path to the volume's file structure

createVol appears to be an undocumented utility that comes in OES2.