Truncate stdout, stderr and stdin enhancements

  • 7008059
  • 04-Mar-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Privileged User Manager 2.3.0
Novell Privileged User Manager 2.2.2


The 'Truncate stdout, stderr and stdin' script from the Sample Perl Scripts' has been updated in the NPUM 2.3.0-2 release.

To update the script, import the new script by doing the following:

Home | Command Control | Select 'Command Control' | from the left nav, select 'Import Samples' | expand 'Sample Perl Script' | select 'Truncate stdout, stderr and stdin' | Finish.

Additional Information

This Perl script will allow you to set size restrictions on the amount of stdout, stderr and stdin captured in Kb's

The maximum values can be defined using the following script arguments applied on the rule:

max_ttyout (default 256)
max_ttyerr (default 256)
max_ttyin (default 0 no maximum)