Unable to Open Calendar Items from the Month view.

  • 7008006
  • 28-Feb-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8


When opening the month calendar for the second time from the GroupWise toolbar, calendar items will not open immediately.
After leaving the month calendar view open for a minute or two the items will allow to be opened.
The first opening of the month calendar from the toolbar works.


This has been reported to development.

Additional Information

Work around: Open the calendar from the GroupWise Folders list.
This is a very specific issue.
This works the first time the month calendar view is opened from the toolbar.
This only happens after opening the month calendar from the toolbar and then closing the month calendar, and reopening it.
Double-click or Right-click | Open will not open the item.
Opening the month calendar from the GroupWise folders list works fine.