Problems with a caching mailbox for users migrated from Exchange.

  • 7008003
  • 28-Feb-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 7
Novell Migration Utility for Exchange


For any mailbox that was moved from Exchange system into GroupWise, if user deletes a mail from Online mailbox, this is not reflected in his caching mailbox. If the user deletes a mail from his caching mailbox, this is replicated to his Online one.


The problem originates within the Migration Utility. This sets a flag for migrated user in the system stating the user is in a move process and that we wait for his mailbox items to be transferred. However, this flag was not cleared as it was expecting to receive still the user`s inventory list. Since this flag is present in the system and also within a GroupWise user database in a PO, a deletion of mailbox items from Online mailbox is considered as a part of ongoing move process when mails from a source mailbox get copied into new, destination mailbox and then deleted from old, source one. That is why we preserve items in a caching mailbox during a user move process.
A resolution for such cases when the move flag was not cleared would be running GroupWise check on a user account on on entire PO where Exchange users were migrated into. It is a standard Mailbox / Library Maintenance with Contents + Fix options on user database, but then you need to activate MISC tab and input a string "clearmove" (without apostrophes). You will see in a log lines like:
36 Move List record check
- deleting record
- Item 36 deleted successfully
Furthermore, check from C1 any Pending Operations and clear all of them regarding a user move / migration from Exchange.