Defects fixed in the Designer 4.0 release

  • 7007993
  • 24-Feb-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Designer for Identity Manager 4.0

Additional Information

Bug IDComponentDescription
397999Application FrameworkJClient in Designer on Windows Vista crashes
307637Project CheckerThe word "Project Checker" is not localized
558944Provisioning-Request Definition EditorEntitlement Parameter in Designer needs to escape backslashs
555762Provisioning-PRD Integration ActivityIntegration Activity is not passing the values of arg2 for a start
399824InstallAutomatic install of NICI
393513Notification TemplatesSome e-mail templates are not resourced in template_en.xlf
390757Provisioning-PRD Integration ActivityIntegration activity doesn't resolve wsdl:import
383401Provisioning-Roles EditorDesigner :  Gender issue
616376Package ManagerBuild host not being set on Linux machines
610339Package ManagerPackage Item Mapping Table shows server directive in the Installation Properties page
609901Package ManagerNPE TeamChecksumProvider
605707Package ManagerRetain customizations on package upgrade/downgrade
600934Package ManagerDo not allow package dependency to package itself
600664Package ManagerNeed XML for auto-generated base package prompts
599440Package ManagerHide non-visible provisioning objects in package
599439Package ManagerReorganize Packages in Outline view
599409Package ManagerError un-installing provisioning objects in package
591453Provisioning-MigrationNPE when migrating User Application driver
551434Document GeneratorDocGen should use readable English names for actions
511092Policy Simulation and DebugAdd configuration option to specify "current working directory
509258Policy BuilderPolicy Set with multiple Policies goes off-screen and disappears
493240Provisioning- Import roles from CSVDesigner Memory buildup on deploying or comparing large number of roles
467046Graphics and UIDriver information status shows incorrectly for driver set with two servers
593644Package ManagerDCW must only display base packages that support the drivers applicable to the selected application
639712Application FrameworkDesigner fails to start - jvm terminated exit code =-1
639545DocumentationDoc:  An attribute with an underscore in the LDAP Name breaks the Detail Portlet
631018Application FrameworkUpdate plugin versions in designer to 4.0
599109Provisioning-Import/DeployImport and Deploy of a ResourceAssociation is not happening correctly
598741Provisioning-Import/DeployImport and Deploy of a Resource with a Dynamic Valued Entitlement is not happening correctly
598445Provisioning-Import/DeployImport and Deploy of Resource with a Non-valued Entitlement is not happening correctly
585986Provisioning-PRD Integration ActivityECMAScript Builder Not Building Correct Script in Integration Activity
581748Provisioning-Abstraction Layer ConfigLookup  attribute for a selected attribute should not be displayed for “DNLookup Control Type”
564195eDirectory Object ManagereDirectory Object Browse needs icon for Dynamic Group
556888Resource EditorImport from CSV functionality for resources
552083Role Based Entitlement EditorUpdate of Member Query does not update Filter of Entitlement Service Driver
546357DeployDeployment dialog box lacks ability to show large values when comparing
544919Configuration ManagementProvide an option to overwrite existing GCVs while importing a driver/driver set configuration from a configuration file
542862DeployError: Unable to initialize JClient: Unable to initialize DClient
540149InstallDesigner 3.5 install should detect if there is an earlier version installed in the location and warn the user
537707Application FrameworkIDM3.7_LOC:Untranslated text 'Open File' in "File" main menu
532397Graphics and UIIDM 3.7_LOC Des: English text in preferences window
525529Graphics and UIEnglish text in "Validation result" window
525511Eclipse FrameworkEnglish text in Save All Modified Resources
525488Driver Configuration WizardUntranslated text in driver properties window
525474XML EditorDes: untranslated text in XML editor context menu
525032Schema ManagementExtra line in tooltip.
515915Notification Templates4 email templates are not translated for any language
386891InstallInstall needs to be capitalized in Portuguese
617718Notification Templates'From' field in E-Mail Notification Server settings incorrectly flags email address containing '+' as invalid
615093ECMAScript EditorSlow to open simi-large ECMA scripts
612302Provisioning-PRD Integration ActivityIntegration Activity can't process WSDL with two services
609749Provisioning-Request Definition Editorform expression builder does not show fields
608321Provisioning-Abstraction Layer ConfigDAL Integer Type does not all range value greater than 100
607486Provisioning-Abstraction Layer ConfigDAL Queries - Condition Grouping Logic partially lost
603790Provisioning-Request Definition EditorTarget Expression in Post Activity Mapping is Wrong
603789Provisioning-Request Definition EditorEntering a value in the Name property of an activity only allows 1 character
602358Provisioning-Request Definition EditorIDM Designer truncates large inline java scripts without notice in workflow forms
599782Policy Simulation and DebugIDM 3.6.1 do-set-xml-attr call causes subscriber thread to never return
598782Provisioning-Import/DeployCannot deploy the resource imported from UAP...
596940Driver Configuration WizardDefault Scripting driver produces a policy that references an incorrect GCV value
580028Provisioning-Import/DeployError While importing Driverset containing UserApp driver from Identity vault  to Designer
576975ImportRole import does not work when role has Aux objectClass defined
569080ModelerDriver name change does not reflect in the modlere though name changes in Outline view
566663Deployunable to generate eDir2eDir Driver certificates
565517Auto Updatesvalidaion of URL in Update URL in Window