Defects fixed in the IDM 4.0 release

  • 7007992
  • 24-Feb-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 4.0

Additional Information

Bug IDComponentDescription
500468AD Password Sync-Password AgentBlind rev: Version/Date stamp on Password Filter files have not changed in 3 IDM versions
466181BuildsEngine builds should stay in sync with Marketing builds
484282BuildsDuplicate ID's in PasswordExpirationJob_en.xlf
486115Client Login ExtensionCLE doesn't honor Forgotten Password Link after Gina Login
525270DocumentationDocument by example for IDM's dxcmd command line.
526477DocumentationEntitlement Driver requires all replicas from the object to the root of the tree to grant entitlements
529111DocumentationEntitlement ImplementationGuide.pdf: External references are not working
529674DocumentationData synchronization stops after Remote loader failover on Linux High Availability Cluster
529962DocumentationDoc defects in IDM policy documentation
550638Documentationndsrep continually throws error in Lotus Notes Server Console after RL restart.
558093DocumentationNo IDM documentation for the Null driver shim
558094DocumentationNo IDM documentation for the Loopback driver shim
558757Documentationsun_password_plugin_fp needs a 32bit folder
561926DocumentationIDM MAD driver documentation does not specify the relevance of the Deleted Objects container
564356DocumentationSince RBE funtionality is supported in Designer 3.5, references to not supporting it should be removed.
567158DocumentationWrong steps in Subscriber Channel Trigger Job documentation.
568442DocumentationTop Secret Driver docs still lists files that are not in the INtegration Modules ISO anymore
571087DocumentationSAP Portal Driver change needed for Default Reset Password
575815DocumentationDocumentation is wrong on Group Entitlement must exist in Identity Vault
581155DocumentationDocument Identity Manager Password Synchronization Event Viewer messages
596040DocumentationDocumentation does not mention DNS Alias
597830DocumentationAD driver Exchange 2007/2010 provisioning do not specify what is supported/done via powershell
598134DocumentationChanges to dirxml-UACLockout are no longer generating events after W2003 SP1 was applied.
603267DocumentationRequired Remedy Driver implementation guide related to IDM_Notifier.xml and IDM_Notifier71.xml
607670DocumentationNeed new shim parameter to support ability to delete protected objects in AD
610444DocumentationInstall only the rules (LinuxUnix.xml) and schema components option doesn't exist
617159DocumentationConfiguration parameters for groupwise driver missing in Docs
617198DocumentationNeed to add additional root causes for error "Cannot find Component Interface" on PeopleSoft driver docs
633241Documentation/etc/init.d/ndsd  start create multiple ndsd processes
465870Driver-Active DirectoryADDriver.dll does not contain version information resource
485306Driver-Active DirectoryInability to delete objects in MAD
494196Driver-Active DirectoryAD driver treats schema names case sensitively
549736Driver-Active Directory - ConfigMAD preconfig rule does not clean up group membership changes properly
552246Driver-Active Directory - ConfigIDM MAD preconfig has incorrect logic for object name comparisons
560400Driver-Active Directory - ConfigGroup Membership changes in AD do not correctly update Security Equals in eDirectory
599982Driver-Active Directory - ConfigAdd new driver parameter to AD driver config
632525Driver-Active Directory - ConfigExchange entitlement query returns no instances with exchange 2007 and 2010
558237Driver-Avaya PBXAvaya Driver version is same for IDM 3.6.1 and IDM 3.6.1 FP1
613739Driver-DataCollectionService - ConfigNeed to add Remote Loader prompts to IDMDCSB base package
531764Driver-eDirectory - ConfigError -610 when creating Groups - Broken Placement policy
580684Driver-eDirectory - ConfigPublisher Matching policy always fails because of missing "\" and flat tree match logic is missing
572797Driver-FanoutThe Documentation link under the Fan-Out Driver Utilities plugin brings up IDM 2.0.1 docs
498959Driver-GroupWise - ConfigGroupWise driver gives error -9010 when dealing with external entities
595710Driver-JDBCUsers created in IDVault does not sync to MSSQL server 2008 R2 using JDBC driver
603458Driver-Linux & UnixUpdate to the Linux and Unix driver document
550632Driver-Lotus Notes - ConfigLotus Notes Driver GCV - Mail File Size Quota / Warning is megabyte not kilobyte
611263Driver-ManagedSystemGatewayKnown issues for schema mappings: account mapping rule query & account profile query
613733Driver-ManagedSystemGateway - ConfigAdd mandatory features to IDMMSGWB base package
613741Driver-ManagedSystemGateway - ConfigNeed to add Remote Loader prompts to IDMMSGWB base package
552944Driver-PeopleSoft 5Missing attribute type in XDS
555251Driver-PeopleSoft 5Missing information in output status document upon input document for Subscription Shim on Subscriber Channel
532187Driver-Remedy ARSRemote loader gui does not recognize the Remedy driver shim on Windows
522889Driver-Role-Based Entitlements - Config(picasso)-I18N: Some strings in UserApp Driver Configuration page are not localized
575934Driver-SAP HR (JCo 3) - ConfigWrong attribute name in SAP-HR CMP template stylesheet pub-ets-EvaluateEventValidityPeriod
585425Driver-SAP UserIdentity Manager SAPUS package conflicts w/SAPUM package
615135Driver-SAP UserSAP patch sending 'E' instead of 'S' or 'W' causing our driver to fail.
528517Driver-ScriptingENH: Allow powershell to keep loaded in memory to increase driver performance
572087Driver-ScriptingENH: Allow the installation of multiple instances of the scripting driver on Windows
615308Driver-Sharepoint 2SharePoint Driver missing Authorization Type in RMA
407505Engine-DirXML Scriptpipe character in local variables isn't expanded correctly
581648Engine-DirXML ScriptEngine Adds Duplicate "entitlement-impl" nodes
503254Engine-Functionalityndsd cores in do_lookup_x
553759Engine-Functionalityrlconsole.exe is showing version ad
607137Engine-Job SchedulerIDM Jobs stall iManager/dxcmd when using "Run Now" in iManager
561236Engine-OtherError messages from corrupted DirXML-PersistentData attribute don't appear in IDM trace
581549Engine-OtherDriver Object password get changed when performing an user creation with a template
628558Engine-OtherIDM 36 JClient FreeContext cores ndsd
483792Install-FrameworkIDM 3.6.1: Nonroot installation doesnot create idm_install.log
554859Install-Frameworkunable to start RL after upgrade from 32-bit RL to 64-bit RL
554905Install-FrameworkRemote loader install completes with errors on win 2k8r2 standard edition
489679Install-IDMLocalised MetaDirectory install fails on Solaris 10
503940Install-IDMIDM 3.6.1 always install the Roles Service Driver
528620Install-IDMInstallation of 32-bit RL (rdxml) on 64-bit engine does not work
531896Install-IDMThe Roles based Driver install utiility has been renamed.
532192Install-IDMInstall of Remote loader on windows does not lay down the IDM_Notifier.xml and  IDM_Notifier71.xml
534922Install-IDMMetadirectory engine installation shuts down without errors
558254Install-IDMIDM installation mentions incorrect requirements
401526Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Make it easier with only a single driver set to get into the driver set overview
403264Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Add the "Activation" menu item to the IDM Overview page
403268Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Add "Export" menu item to the Driver Set Overview
403324Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Add new menu items to the IDM Overview page.
403337Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Add an "Actions" menu to the Driver Overview page.
415407Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML)NDS-to-NDS Certificate Creation Wizzard is lacking history and browse button
519043Plugins-DirXML AdministrationExtra colon mark after the title name "Description" in the "Driver Overview" page
558000Plugins-DirXML AdministrationWhile adding driver plugins detect engine version as 3.5
405812Plugins-InspectorInspector:  In the driver set dashboard, make the"Hide Disabled Driver" action a state instead of a command.
518260Plugins-Job SchedulerCannot add job after adding server until without leaving DriverSet
534837Plugins-Job SchedulerTime format should accept anything that could be 24-hour time
483403Plugins-OtherUnlocalised tooltip "Driver Sets Tab content" on Driver Sets tab
511134Plugins-OtherPlugins reports error for disabled driver during all start
590754Plugins-OtherDashboard - Serverswitch does not work with IE 7
546231Plugins-Password AdministrationJava error configuring Password Synchronization in Driver Properties (& in servers OU name)
568956Plugins-Password AdministrationMath error in Universal Password configuration for password complexity checking
585417Plugins-Password AdministrationOES2 SP2 - Password Policy cannot proceed after selecting assignment
585589Plugins-Password AdministrationiManager 2.73 is not been able to create Universal Password Policy
403320Plugins-Role-Based EntitlementsSP:  Various layout issues
463560Plugins-Work  OrderiManager plugin for Work Orders needs search and filter capabilities
549872Remote Loader-Engine32 bit remote loader set to run as a service won't start on Windows 2008 x64 bit
546784Remote Loader-GUIRL service set to run as a specific user shows as "Application" in RL console GUI
561238Remote Loader-GUIWindows Remote Loader GUI does not preserve connection parameters
624380RMA - InstallRMA - load the SAP authorizations receive LDAP timeout
581996UtilitiesRestrict permissions on IDM driver file
628550Utilitiesdxcmd's"state" incorrectly translated in Japanese

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