Unable to create a new Post Office - no error occurs

  • 7007975
  • 22-Feb-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8.x
Novell ConsoleOne 1.3.6
The GroupWise domain could be installed on any platform for this problem to occur.


Following the documented steps to create a new Post Office and it does not work.
If the Configure link option is selected, the link configuration dialog appears and when it is completed it simply returns to the initial Create GroupWise Post Office configuration dialog.
If the Configure link option is not selected, clicking OK in the Create GroupWise Post Office dialog does nothing.


The domain directory was missing the 'wpoffice' subdirectory and the current version of the 'ngwguard.dc' file.
To resolve this problem create the subdirectory and copy the missing file to it.
  1. Create the subdirectory "wpoffice" in the domain directory
  2. Copy the file "ngwguard.dc" from the Software Distribution Directory's "po" subdirectory.
Retry the Create GroupWise Post Office process.

    Additional Information

    When creating a new Post Office, Console One needs to copy the required '*.dc' files to the new directory structure. This includes the 'gwpo.dc' file from the domain directory and the 'ngwguard.dc' file located in the 'wpoffice' subdirectory of the domain structure. Without these files the Post Office creation process can not complete successfully.
    If the 'wpoffice' directory and the 'ngwguard.dc' file is missing, no error will be displayed and the create process will not continue.

    Both of the '*.dc' files should be the current version. The version can be checked by opening them in an editor and checking the first line. For GroupWise 8.x, the first line should be "#VERSION=800". The correct version of these files can be found in a current Software Distribution Directory under 'domain' or 'po'.