Upgrading ZDM6.5+ZCM10 to ZDM7+ZCM10 breaks DLU

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  • 22-Feb-2011
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 - ZDM7 SP1 Management Agent + Client


Examples of how the upgrade will break the DLU:
1.  ZDM6.5 + ZCM10 Inventory Only Agent works until the ZDM6.5 piece is upgraded to ZDM7 and then DLU breaks
2.  ZDM6.5 upgraded to ZDM7 and then add ZCM10 agent; DLU breaks
3. The pattern is that if ZDM6.5 was on the machine before ZDM7, DLU will break when the ZCM10 Inventory Only Agent is also on the machine



Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

LGNXtier.DLL is part of ZfDAgent.msi and can be verified if  the MSI installed properly or not. The Zenworks Diagnostic Center can be used to catch the file and database differences after the update from one version of ZCM to another.
LgnXTier.dll is found on the machine but what is happening is that before the agent is upgraded, the LgnXTier.dll version is  After the upgrade the version is  The DLU issues happen until the ZDM7 agent is uninstalled and reinstalled