How to activate ZCM 11

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  • 18-Feb-2011
  • 07-Mar-2013


Novell ZENworks 11 Configuration Management


ZCM 11 requires a code to activate the machine and a separate code to activate the system entitlement updates.  

ZCC shows "Warning:  You cannot receive new updates because System Update entitlement has not been configured."


A.  To activate the machine:
      1.    Go to,  (, and you will be taken directly to your Novell Customer Center home page (landing page).  From this page go to menu left hand side of page click on My Products.

     2.  My Products > All > Product Family >  locate the line that says Novell ZENworks Confirmation Management 11  Code: ZCM_xxxxx.html

  1. Double click  to access the Product Subscription Page. scroll down to Downloads -License.

        2.  Click on License to download.

B. To activate the system updates entitlement.
  1. In the Novell Customer Center portal My Products > All > Product Family> click on the line
    Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11 Code xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    (Code is alphnumeric - 14 digits with NO dashes).

 2.  Double click to access the Product Subscription Information page. Copy and Paste the 14 alpha-numeric code (no dashes)  Proceed as usual for entering activation code ( ZCC>Configuration>Management Zone Settings>Infrastructure Management> System Update Settings).

The person activating the System Update entitlement  must be authorized on the User Access page, for ZENworks Configuration Management 11 Code line, to allow patches and updates.  Click on the User Access Tab located on the Product Subscription Information page for authorized users or to add an authorized user. 

Additional Information

Missing system update entitlement codes or missing HTML codes  have to be requested through Novell Customer Resolution Team.  Send email to  or for missing codes to be supplied to your Novell Customer Center.

Additional activation questions  contact the Novell Activation Team at:
 phone:  1-800-418-8373 (US & Canada)
               1-801-861-8373 (outside of US)

Known Issues:
When Patch Management is activated, it will show the proper expiration date for the ZPM license but it might also show as as "*** 60 day trial activation ***" in the license management screen. This is a cosmetic bug only and it will not affect the expiration date or the receiving of patches. It will self-correct at the end of the evaluation period.