Updating iPrint RPMs on a Cluster

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  • 18-Feb-2011
  • 17-Dec-2020


Open Enterprise Server Cluster
iPrint installed on a Cluster


What are the best practices for upgrading iPrint RPMs on a cluster?


The iPrint RPMs must be installed on each node of the cluster.  The iPrint cluster resource must be loaded on one of the nodes at the time of the RPM install.  The other nodes can be updated with the iPrint RPMs without the iPrint resource loaded on them. 

1.  Identify the node which is actively hosting the iPrint resource.

2.  On that identified node, run the RPM install.  The RPM install will copy files to the local and cluster file systems.

3.  Restart apache, idsd, and ipsmd after the updates have been applied. You can paste the following string of commands to accomplish those restarts:
    rcapache2 restart;rcnovell-idsd restart;rcnovell-ipsmd restart

4.  Install those same iPrint RPM updates on the other nodes.  As stated above, the iPrint resource does not need to be loaded on these other nodes because that iPrint resource has already had the updated files copied to it in step 2. After installing the RPMs to the nodes which are not hosting the iPrint resource, restart Apache (rcapache2 restart). 

After following these 4 steps, the updated iPrint files are copied to each node's local file system and to the iPrint shared resource file system.

Additional Information

The above steps assume that the upgrade is being made within the same support pack level.  If, however, the update is being made to a new support pack, and if the cluster is down when the new support pack is applied, the iPrint files on the cluster will not be updated.  In this case it will be necessary to do the following:
Finish the support pack update per support pack instructions.
Load the cluster resource on one of the nodes.
On the node hosting the cluster resource, upgrade the iPrint code.  This can be accomplished by manually downloading and install the RPMs or by using the yast install method:
  • Manual update
    • Go to the OES download site
    • install the iPrint Server and iPrint Client RPM updates
      • rpm -Uvh novell-iprint-server-6.[date-and-version].rpm
      • rpm -Uvh novell-iprint-client-6.[date-and-version].rpm
    • Restart  apache, idsd, and ipsmd
      • rcpache2 restart
      • rcnovell-idsd restart
      • rcnovell-ipsmd restart
  • yast update
    • At the server terminal, while logged in as root, type:
      • yast -i novell-iprint-client
      • yast -i novell-iprint-server
    • Restart  apache, idsd, and ipsmd
      • rcpache2 restart
      • rcnovell-idsd restart
      • rcnovell-ipsmd restart