Decrease DLU Login Times and reduce LDAP overhead

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  • 18-Feb-2011
  • 07-May-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management
Novell ZENworks 11 Configuration Management


The ZCM Agent is making an extra LDAP call for a user's group memberships, which is adding a small delay to DLU logins


Apply HKLM\Software\Novell\ZCM\AgentSettings\DoNotFetchUserGroups = True (String) to 32-bit and 64-bit devices.


Additional Information

This key does NOT prevent the use of Groups with ZCM and the registry key name is not a clear indication of it's function.

This key disables a very specific feature of the DLU policy package that is not used by the majority of customers who use DLU policy packages.
In the "Login Restrictions" portion of a DLU package, you can explicitly exclude users from the DLU package who were assigned the policy package.
This exclusion can be made for individual or groups.
Support for groups in the exclusion portion of the DLU package causes a user's group memberships to be read a second time, even if the policy package does not use this feature.
Enabling this key on the workstation will disable support for groups for this single feature and eliminate a group membership request.
Group Membership requests take slightly longer than other requests, due to the time required to search for Dynamic eDirectory Groups and verify membership in those groups if located.
This delay can occur even if Dynamic eDirectory Groups do not exist, since the search to locate any that may exist must still occr.