RBPM_Driver_Install Fails error: 'A Schema Update is Required'

  • 7007868
  • 10-Feb-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Install of: User Application for Linux and Windows
Novell RBPM 3.7
Novell RBPM 4.0


During the install of User Application (RBPM) 3.7 and 4.0 running the RBPM_Driver_Install fails with an error "A Schema Update is Required".

This error typically indicates the NrfCaseUpdate utility which modify the schema for attributes "nrfLocalizedDescrs" and
"nrfLocalizedNames" changing the Syntax from "Case Exact String" to "Case Ignore String" for these attributes has not been run or error changing the Syntax. 


To resolve, this issue please do the following:

1. Verify nrfLocalizedDescrs and nrfLocalizedNames attributes Syntax = Case Ignore String   Using iManager > Roles and Tasks > Schema > Attributte Information > find nrfLocalizedDescrs and
nrfLocalizedNames attributes > View and verify Syntax=Case Ignore String.

1a. If the syntax is still Case Exact String re-run the NrfCaseUpdate utility or use the command line /root/idm/jre/bin/java -jar NrfCaseUpdate.jar -v
1b. Check the Syntax, this must be o "Case Ignore String" before attempting any other steps below.
1c. Rerun the  RBPM_Driver_Install, if fails then goto steps below
2.Check if the default eDirectory ports 389 and 636 have been changed to different ports.  User App 3.7 require eDirectory to be using the default 389 and 635 ports to check the schema.

2a. Login to iManager
2b. Record the eDirectory ports being used and temporarily change the eDirectory server running IDM to port 389 and 636
2c. Run the rbpm_driver_install_linux.bin
2d. Change the eDirectory server ports back to the original settings
3. For Linux, the eDirectory install was done using  a non-root install
3a. Need to correct issue or find eDirectory server installed using a root install.

4. The eDirectory install was changed to install eDirectory and DIB to a different directory and not the default eDirectory install location for the DIB, the User App 3.7 'rbpm_driver_install_...' can not find the dib and fails.
4a. Need to correct issue or find eDirectory server installed using the default install path.

5. The eDirectory server has multiple NIC's and eDirectory is not using the 1st NIC.  For the 'rbpm_driver_install_...' to complete requires eDirectory must use the 1st NIC.  If eDirectory is using a different NIC then the driver install will fail.  


5a Change eDirectory to uses the first NIC IP addresses using the following the steps.

  1. If is the 1st NIC on the eDirectory server to change edirectory to use this new ip address.
    Example: ndsconfig set n4u.server.interfaces=
  2. Set the http port to the new ip address.
    Example: ndsconfig set n4u.server.interfaces=
  3. Set the https port to the new ip address along with the existing.
    Example: ndsconfig set n4u.server.interfaces=
  4. In the above example, is the first NIC that eDirectory needs to use for the RBPM_Driver_Install.  After it completes redo the above command to use the original NIC IP address.