Device security policy on the Datasync server.

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  • 10-Feb-2011
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack Update 1
Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack Update 2


There was a new feature added to the Datasync software that helps protecting user devices from unauthorized access. However once you enable and configure this extra security features, it stays active on a mobile device even you remove / disable them on the Datasync server site. If you set any stronger device security policy that is also synced to a phone, it will affect additional phone functions and you will need to provide the valid phone`s passcode prior to using them. It will not apply only when accessing accessing the Mail application.


Once you enable and configure device security policy and a user connects to the Datasync server, these configuration changes will be applied on his mobile device. If the security settings are active on the server site, users will not be able to send or download new mails unless they configure the security settings on their devices. A user cannot de-activate these security settings on his device as far as these settings are still active on the server site.
Although you deactivate them on the server site, the settings are still active on user devices. Disabling the security settings on the server site does not automatically remove these settings from the users devices. How to de-activate the security setting depends on a phone brand. Here is an example for iPhone:
1. The device security settings is deactivated on the server site.
2. User must connect to the server to get this confguration changes synced on his phone.
3. Now a procedure on a phone might vary depending on what Datasync server build version you have. On the phone you can go in Settings -> General section and find item listed as Passcode Lock.
4. Go into and check if the "Turn Passcode Off" option is enabled. Shall this option be greyed out, you will need to delete configured Exchange account from the phone first in order to un-lock this option.
5. You will need to provide valid passcode again in order to set this OFF.
On any other phone you might look for a security settings, passcode lock options.