Novell Cloud Manager 1.1 Patch 1 - Patch information and list of fixes

  • 7007851
  • 08-Feb-2011
  • 13-Jan-2014


Novell Cloud Manager
Novell Cloud Manager 1.1


This patch provides fixes for the following issues:

- General issues:
  - Cost history reports for business services only return the most recent cost
    snapshot data. Fix enables reports to return all historical cost data for
    business services.
- Mobile client (iPhone and iPod touch) issues:
  - Attempting to add or remove NICs throws error and fails
  - Workload template canned disks included by default in cost calculation
    (should not be included in calculation)
  - Error "forbidden Get business service"
  - No inline wizard to input required Windows Sysprep information
  - Administrator unable to update the General section of a "Build Failed"
    business service request
  - Missing task denial message: "Unable to approve...end date of..."
  - Business service request status does not indicate whether waiting for Admin
    or Sponsor approval
  - User unable to edit the size of additional disk added on change request
  - User unable to change workload values on a change request
  - Resource changes don't save on a change request
  - Networks in a host list prefaced with host name (should not be)
  - Delegates not properly handled
  - Disk details don't display for user on a base VM disk
  - User able to edit locked disks
  - Administrator's dashboard doesn't take CPU capacity into account
  - Per Business Group Reports not working
  - User unable to add NICs to a workload
  - User unable to copy workload if business service is in withdrawn or
    denied state   


This patch can be downloaded from (searching Novell Cloud Manager 1.1 as the product):

Requirement for this Patch: Novell Cloud Manager 1.1

Installation Instructions:

Perform the following steps on the Cloud Manager Server:

1. If you have not already unzipped the file on the
   Cloud Manager Server, do so:


2. If the Cloud Manager Server is not running, start it:

   /etc/init.d/novell-soaframework.NovellCloudManager start

3. Apply the patch:

   rpm -U novell-cloud-manager-server-1.1.0-127.noarch.rpm

4. Make sure that the patch is deployed by using the following command to
   monitor the server log file:

   tail -f /opt/novell/soaframework10/domains/NovellCloudManager/logs/server.log

   The patch must be deployed before you restart the Cloud Manager Server. Look
   for the entry that states that the new assemblies have been deployed. This
   deployment might have occurred before you started monitoring the log file, or
   it might take several more minutes. The entry looks like:
   [AutoDeploy] Successfully autodeployed : /var/opt/novell/soaframework10/

5. Verify that the patch was applied:

   rpm -qa | grep novell-cloud-manager-server
   The results should display 1.1.0-127 as the version.

6. Restart the Cloud Manager Server:

   /etc/init.d/novell-soaframework.NovellCloudManager restart