Move operation in the LDAP driver fails to move the object in the ldap system

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  • 08-Feb-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.5
Novell Identity Manager 3.5.1
Novell Identity Manager 3.6
Novell Identity Manager 3.6.1


LDAP driver shim fails to move objects in the ldap system.

Sun LDAP : Returns "ERROR: LDAPException: Entry Already Exists (68)"
OpenLDAP : Does not indicate any errors


The behavior is due to a conflict in the LDAPConnection class that is bundled with the ldap.jar and the xcd-all.jar.

Situation 1: If the user application driver is not running on the same identity manager server as the LDAP shim then follow the below instructions.

IDM engine running on Windows Platform:
    1. Stop the eDirectory service
    2. Move the file “xcd-all.jar” from the folder named lib within the directory where eDirectory is installed (default, C:\Novell\NDS\lib)
    3. Start the eDirectory service

IDM engine running on Linux/Solaris/AIX Platform:

    1. Stop ndsd with the command "/etc/init.d/ndsd stop" (without the double-quotes)
    2. Move the xcd-all.jar file from the dirxml/classes directory to a different directory
         in eDirectory 8.7.3.x they reside at /usr/lib/
         in eDirectory 8.8.x : they reside at /opt/novell/eDirectory/lib/dirxml/classes
    3. Start ndsd with the command "/etc/init.d/ndsd start" (without the double-quotes)

Situation 2: If both User Application driver and ldap driver are running on the same identity manager server, then please contact Novell Support.

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