Designer's Migrate feature causes IDM Job to become Unknown.

  • 7007839
  • 08-Feb-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager Designer 3.5.1


When using Designer's migrate function to move a DriverSet from one server to another any applicable Jobs become unknown.

Designer cannot update Jobs after using Migrate feature.

com.novell.admin.ns.NamespaceException: INVALID_ATTRIBUTE


Add the DirXML-ServerList attribute's value back to the Job object using an LDIF such as the following:

dn: cn=jobName,cn=driverName,cn=driverset0,dc=idm,dc=service,dc=system
changetype: modify
add: DirXML-ServerList
DirXML-ServerList: cn=serverName,dc=server,dc=system

Substitute the correct Job DN (the object to be modified) on the first line and the server DN (for the DirXML-ServerList value) on the last line.  Process the LDIF with ldapmodify or another LDAP tool such as Apache Directory Studio.  Once the job object's DirXML-ServerList attribute is present and set to the new server use iMonitor to mutate the object back from an Unknown object to a Job object.  TID# 7004408 covers using iMonitor to mutate an object from an Unknown class.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

The problem originates from Designer's desire to remove the DirXML-ServerList attribute from the Job object before adding the new server's DN as a value to the same attribute.  Because this attribute is a mandatory for Job objects the object becomes Unknown upon its removal which then prevents Designer from successfully completing the addition of the new server value.

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