Preventing IDM to start at the time of boot up or eDirectory Startup

  • 7007828
  • 07-Feb-2011
  • 27-Apr-2012


eDirectory 8.8.5
eDirectory 8.8.6
IDM 3.6.1


One has made some changes in either the Identity Manager configuration files or mis configured the JAVA Heap Size for Identity Manager and now the eDirectory does not stay loaded.
Our aim is to be able to revert back the changes using iManager and need eDirectory to stay loaded on the server.


This is not a recommended solution and must only be done user the supervision and after the confirmation of an Novell Technician.
On the server where IDM is running go to
From this location move and to a different location.
Restart the server and ensure that eDirectory stays running.
Go to iManager and revert back the changes done.
Move the and files back to original location.
Restart the server and ensure that everything is working fine including all IDM drivers.