Minimum length of Device Password is forced to 8 characters on the Device

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  • 04-Feb-2011
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell Data Synchronizer Connector for Mobility
Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack Update 3


Minimum length of Device Password is forced to 8 characters on the Device
Minimum length is not selected on the Connector Settings and shows 1 but the devices are forced to enter a minimum length of 8 characters


When "Enable Device Security Policy" is selected for the very first time and "Minimum Password Length" is not saved or changed, it automatically sets it to number 8. This has been reported to Engineering

Workaround Steps:
The options of Device Security Policy take effect as soon as "Save Custom Settings" is selected. To be on the safer side, please follow the steps listed below
  1. Login to WebAdmin "https://IPAddress:8120".
  2. Shut down the Mobility Connector.
  3. Click the Mobility Connector (mobility).
  4. In Connector Settings, put a check mark on "Enable Device Security Policy".
  5. The options that are not needed, check and uncheck them just to be sure that it is written in the XML file properly.
  6. Do the same for the options that are needed and toggle it atleast 1-2 times.
  7. Change the Minimum Password Length to 1 if it is not needed after checking it and then uncheck it.
  8. Click Save Custom Settings.
  9. Click Home button on the WebAdmin.
  10. Click the Mobility Connector again (mobility).
  11. In Connector Settings, confirm the options.
  12. Click Home button on the WebAdmin.
  13. Start the Mobility Connector.


Reported to Engineering

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