Recurring Appointment show incorrect days on the external recipient's end

  • 7007786
  • 04-Feb-2011
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8
Microsoft Exchange
Google GMail


  • Recurring appointments received by any external recipient may receive the wrong days.
  • External recipient of email is sent recurring appointment, as a example, for following days: Thursday, Friday, Monday; but receives Thursday, Friday, and the Friday after.
  • Happens when days are skipped, and days in the weekend are skipped.
  • External GroupWise systems receive recurring appointments with incorrect days.
  • 3rd Party email systems such as GMail or Exchange, receive recurring appointments with incorrect days.


As of February 2011, this problem is believed to be fixed.  Novell reserves the right to remove the fix if it is believed to cause other problems.  Please contact Novell Technical Support to obtain newer code, or to report findings if the problem continues to exist after newer code is applied.

Additional Information

iCal files that are sent over SMTP, had one too few weekdays listed in one email fields for the recurring appointment, when one or more days of the week are skipped.