VMware Tools fails install on Novell Log Manager Appliance

  • 7007677
  • 26-Jan-2011
  • 01-Jul-2013


Novell Log Manager 1.1 - VMware Appliance


Unable to install VMware Tools on VMware appliance version of Novell Log Manager.

The error received follows:

WARNING: This program cannot compile any modules for the following reason(s)...

- This program could not find a valid path to the kernel headers of the running
kernel.  Please ensure that the header files for the running kernel are
installed on this system.


To install VMware tools the  kernel kource code is required so that VMware can compile modules for the running kernel.

As of the writing of this TID the kernel version included with the base Novell Log Manager appliance is:

You can download the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) package containing the kernel source code for the above kernel version from:


Once downloaded install the source from within this patch.

SLM comes with the needed SLES rpms already installed.

Additional Information

As newer kernel versions are released the kernel source used to compile the kernel modules must always match the running kernel.  See VMware's documentation on creating the kernel modules for more details on management of their code.