Applications defined at the group level do not flow down to users

  • 7007673
  • 25-Jan-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin 7.0


Application Definitions do not flow down to users in a group
SecureLogin parameters not inherited
NSL settings do not appear

An administrator has the ability to assign SecureLogin preferences to groups.  The members of these groups will receive whatever settings / preferences are set at the group level where they belong.  In some cases, iManager will show these settings properly on the users, but when the workstation SecureLogin client loads, the settings or preferences are not there.


Investigate a rights problem.  A good test to run would be to assign one of the group members the supervisory right to the tree (root).  This can be done in iManager as follows:
1. open the "rights" plugin
2. select "Modify Trustees"
3. enter "[root]" (without quotes) in the "object name" field
4. click "add trustee"
5. browse to and select the desired user
6. click "assigned rights" and  add the "supervisor" right for both "All Attributes"  and "Entry"

If after assigning these elevated rights the appropriate settings appear, then you know you have a problem with rights.  Investigate rights by working your way down the tree until you find out where rights are being filtered, blocked, or otherwise set incorrectly.  Make this change, and the issue will be resolved.

As an alternative to determining the existing rights problem, simply assign the OU where users reside as a trustee of the group object with default rights.  This can also be done in the iManager "Rights' plugin, as follows:
1. select "Modify Trustees"
2. browse to or enter the group name in the "object name" field
3. click "add trustee"
4. browse to and select the desired organizational unit.  There is no need to modify the assigned rights.  The default rights should be sufficient.