Change to SecureLogin GPO not received by users

  • 7007650
  • 22-May-2012
  • 22-May-2012


NettIQ SecureLogin
NSL 7.0.2  


SecureLogin GPO changes not synched to all users.
SecureLogin doesn't pick up changes made to a GPO
Users do not get GPO changes until they type gpupdate /force.


When modifying the GPO, be sure to select “OK” in the SecureLogin Group Policy Editor as well as in the SLManager screen.

Additional Information

The MMC properties snapin launches the slManager to perform the edit.   However, the GPO system is (only/always) notified of a change after  the OK button is  pressed in the properties.  Cancelling the properties dialog would not notify  the GPO system of a change and does not submit changes to the XML policy  content.  This not reverted/not notified state means that users would get the  changes only when:
 a) GPO is added/removed for the user (causing NSL to refresh all)
 b) the GPO's are forced to update
 c) the GPO is edited and the ok button is used